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Protect what remains of society


Tom Clancy's The Division is the new release from the Tom Clancy series, developed by Ubisoft, which adds new MMO mechanics to the classic tactical action gameplay. Created with next-generation consoles in mind, namely Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, and of course the everlasting PC, this online shooter will be available in physical and digital download format.

Set in an apocalyptic New York City, the apparition of a new manmade virus has led society to the brink of collapse. In order to prevent that, the tactical independent unit known as The Division has been activated for acting on their own way. As the last hope of society, you will fight against an epic conspiracy in order to save what remains of the former world. Based on the Tom Clancy’s series, popularly known as Clancyverse, the player will have to survive in a disorganized New York fulfilling all kinds of missions.

Making the most of the newly available hardware, this new release displays an excellent graphic aspect thanks to the new technology of the Snowdrop engine. The particles on the environment are highly detailed, the steam from the sewers and the smoke from grenades are really impressive. The recreation of New York as a free open-world environment makes it more personal and realistic. When it comes to action, the battles might not be as epic as in other titles, but the realism with which with carried out will be one of the references for other games.

Online multiplayer experience

The main motto of Tom Clancy's The Division is the always online feature. Although it is a Third-Person Shooter, this title shares some role-playing elements such as the player-progression feature. You will play with different kinds of skills and advanced equipment such as seeker mines and distraction devices. With the support of these devices, you won’t need to face dangerous battles face to face; you can activate decoys in order to distract your foes to focus on your real target.

One of the important features of Tom Clancy's The Division is that it is completely social. You can team up with your friends to take on different missions, but be careful since you can find other teams that may not be so friendly and may attack you. The interrelationship with other players can include this player-to-player battles or by trading items.

The multiplayer experience makes this release one of the titles to take note of

The characters are highly customizable in order to make them more personal and recognizable. The high-tech equipment includes from real-time wireless communication with other players to holographic maps and weaponry management. Additionally, in case you are not able to play through your console or PC, you can login through your smartphone or even your tablet and assist other players by detecting enemies or even attacking them. The multiplayer experience makes this release one of the titles take note of.

It is better not going alone
It is better not going alone

Tom Clancy's The Division Full Version Features

Check out the main features of Tom Clancy's The Division for next-gen consoles and PC:

  • Cross-platform gameplay, able to interact with your partners through your smartphone or tablet device
  • Third-Person MMO Shooter game in which prevail tactics over brute force and teamplay over individual skills
  • Customize your character and craft new equipment for you or your partners during different missions
  • Experiment with the free open-world and choose between the different missions that are available
  • Fight against other players or co-operate with them according to your interests

For further information about the game before the download, you can visit its official website.

System Requirements

Check the specifications of this MMO title for PC and consoles:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later
  • Processor: AMD Athlon x64 Dual Core 6000+, Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 or faster
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • HDD: 20 GB Free space on disk and additional for the download